Day 24 CORVID-19

Day 24.  Moments of every emotion.  What keeps me going?  The Music!  This page is to bless the musicians in your life.  There are a lot of musicians performing their hearts out online.  These are just a few you can bless anytime even if it’s just a dollar or two I know they would appreciate it:  Tips For Music Here .  It’s also for the sound guy, the manager, the booking agent, the roadie.  So be sure we add those names and make sure they are recognized.  Just as bad as loosing their income is the opportunity to play for you live.  Support Live music.  ALL tips go directly to them. 

I started this for our Artist Roster, and decided to open it up for everyone.  As the features develop if you would like a premium listing it is just $10 a month, or $100 for the year. 

 It is included with our Full Service Artist Subscription as well.  Thank you !  Music makes everything better.